• DIY Maternity Skeleton Shirt
  • Join us at the Pinners Conference + Discount Code!
  • Halloween Pallet
  • No Carve Pumpkin Ideas
  • How To Re-stain a Table – Farmhouse Table Makeover

DIY Maternity Skeleton Shirt

DIY Maternity Skeleton Shirt (4)

A friend of ours asked if we would help her make a skeleton shirt for her to wear to a Halloween party.   The ones she had been looking at were about $30 and that’s a bit too much to pay for a one time wear shirt.  Shirt making has become one of my favorite [...]

Join us at the Pinners Conference + Discount Code!

wreath promo-pinners

Guys!  We are so excited to be at the Pinners Conference in November!  Have you heard about it?  It’s basically a huge 2 day event where Pinterest comes to life!  It is packed with classes of all kinds and shopping galore.  There are some major names presenting this year and we are thrilled to be [...]

Halloween Pallet

halloween pallet (13)

Back in March we replaced our kitchen floor.  The new tile was delivered on these heavy duty pallets and I have just held on to them knowing we’d come up with something awesome.  I think we did!  I wanted something a little different for my outside Halloween display, but it had to be quick and [...]

No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

No carve pumpkin ideaas

October is such a wonderful month!  The weather is beautiful (usually), the trees are taking center stage with their colorful display, and pumpkins can fill our front porches! Steff and I most definitely have a thing for pumpkins.   With pumpkins and Halloween decorating in full swing, we thought we’d bring back an oldie but a [...]

How To Re-stain a Table – Farmhouse Table Makeover

how to restain a table

It’s Transformation Tuesday!  We have missed a few over the past month or so due to a trip to Disneyland and the end of summer/start of school, so we are excited to be on the ball this wonderful Tuesday!   We have some great things coming up including being part of the Salt Lake City [...]

Brave and Beautiful


I am Brave and Beautiful – a beauty movement that is sweeping the globe. Colbie Caillat started it with her recent song and video called TRY. Our blogging friend Megan of Brassy Apple wanted to push this movement along and invited women from all over to share what they looked like without make up and [...]