• How to Cut Watermelon Sticks – Perfect BBQ Food!
  • Gallery Wall + 3 of my Favorite Sources for Cheap and Amazing Art
  • ‘P’ is for Plate!  How to Mod Podge Fabric onto a Glass Plate
  • Huge Chalkboard Map
  • Re-finished Chairs, DIY Chalk Paint

How to Cut Watermelon Sticks – Perfect BBQ Food!

How to cut watermelon sticks (2)

Happy Labor Day!  I just thought I’d pop in quick and share my new favorite way to cut watermelon!  I know it’s a little late to share this, being Labor Day and all.  There’s still a good month of BBQ weather and watermelons right?!  I just learned about this cutting technique about a month ago [...]

‘P’ is for Plate! How to Mod Podge Fabric onto a Glass Plate

Fabric covered glass plate (9)

This is a project we did for the A-Z Back to School Series for The Ribbon Retreat.  It’s been a month of projects starting with every letter of the alphabet and our letter was ‘P.’  All the projects have been awesome-be sure to hop over and browse through the alphabet of great back to school [...]

Huge Chalkboard Map

Chalkboard Map

One my favorite trends lately is maps.  They are everywhere-and I love them all: globes, lamps, paper, pillows, furniture…..and chalk!  Today we’re talking about chalk, another trend I absolutely love!  We’re sharing how to make a huge chalkboard map and you might be surprised how easy it is! The big chalkboard is just a huge [...]

Re-finished Chairs, DIY Chalk Paint

Re-finished chairs, DIY chalk paint (1)

It’s Transformation Tuesday!  We’re sharing a couple chairs we re-finished using our DIY chalk paint.  We are also excited to be over at the Ribbon Retreat today sharing a fun back to school project for their A-Z  series.  We crafted up a “Praise Plate” for the letter ‘P.’  Be sure to hop over to the [...]

DIY Dessert Stand from Dollar Store Supplies

DIY Dessert Stand dollar store

It’s been nothing but crickets here on the blog for a couple weeks.  It’s been a wild couple weeks-I lost my wallet (or it was stolen)  which threw me off for days.  What  a headache!  Then there was a couple sick days which always requires a couple catch up days.  Then my moms dog died, [...]