• Painted Fireworks Craft for Kids
  • DIY Patriotic T-Shirt
  • DIY Beaded Binky Clip
  • Patriotic Felt Petal Wreath
  • Fun Summer Activities

Painted Fireworks Craft for Kids

Painted Fireworks-craft for kids (1)

The 4th of July is this weekend, we are a little late in the game, but we’re excited to share a short video tutorial for a painted fireworks craft for kids.  This little video has been a long time coming!  My 7 year old, Lila is possibly THE CRAFTING QUEEN.  Girl just about drives me [...]

DIY Patriotic T-Shirt

DIY Patriotic T-Shirt

The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays to dress the kids all festive.   This DIY Patriotic T-shirt is still one of my favorite clothing projects ever!  It’s a project from a couple years ago but since it’s so cute and easy,  we are bringing it back on the blog! Here’s what you [...]

DIY Beaded Binky Clip

A simple DIY beaded binky clip to keep the binky from falling to the floor. Easy and very pretty.

Steff has had little Berkley for 2 months now!  Time really flies, right?!  One thing Steffany still didn’t have yet is a binky clip.  The next best thing to the actual binky is a clip to keep it close and off the floor.  So today we are excited to share this tutorial for a DIY [...]

Patriotic Felt Petal Wreath

A perfect wreath for summer! Patriotic felt petal wreath that is so easy to make and seriously cute!

We were over at The Ribbon Retreat last week sharing this patriotic felt petal wreath – we are excited to share it here today!   It brings together two things Steffany and I love:   the 4th of July and wreaths!  This wreath is not only super cute, but it’s inexpensive and so EASY!  Remember [...]

Fun Summer Activities

Campfire Apple S'more-Gluten free s'more (2)

Summer is here!  That means swimming, camping, playing, hiking, biking, and even some sleeping…as in sleeping in.  I’ve gotta say, the first week of summer is a bit rough for me.  I go into it with these wonderful plans and expectations and then 3 days in I’m like whoa, whoa,  why are we all crying?! [...]

Baby Girl Nursery

Baby girl nursery ideas

Can you believe it’s been six weeks since Steff had baby Berkley?!  We are finally getting around to posting pictures of her baby girl nursery.  We took a few cute pictures of Steffany and the baby while we were at it.  Berkley was only a week old in these pictures, just FYI:). Let’s get right [...]