Household re-purpose: water balloon pump!

Hooray!  It’s 
This last week we had some water balloon fun! 
 I needed a way for the kids to fill up their own water balloons without turning the hose off and on a million times.  Here’s what I came up with:
Part 1:  
Wash out an old shampoo or conditioner pump bottle.  (The huge kind, like from Costco.)
Fill with water.
Place balloon over the tip and pump to fill!
Easy peasy!
This bottle head was too wide for the water balloons to fit over, so I used my kitchen shears to clip the sides off. 

It looked like this after I clipped. : )
This giant hand sanitizer bottle made another perfect pump.  No clipping needed.  I just emptied it into smaller bottles and rinsed it out good.

The kids thought filling the water balloons was almost as fun as throwing them!  And this was much easier than using the hose.  Now I just need to help them master tying the balloons too! : ) 
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    Thank you so much for this brilliant idea! We have a water balloon fight at Cousin Camp every year, and I dread filling all those balloons every single year. I’m going to file this idea away for next year. Thank you for making my life a little easier! :)


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