Peppermints! + Mialisia necklace giveaway

 I am drawn to everything red and white at this time of year.  Decorating with peppermints and candy canes is one of my favorites!
So last week Steff and I grabbed a couple bags of peppermints and candy cane sticks and had some fun.
First, we made these peppermint ornaments!

 This is the same technique we used for the Jolly Rancher Lollipops we made in the summer.  
Place a folded piece of string or bakers twine on a cookie sheet, with the fold at the top.  Unwrap the peppermints and lay them in a flower shape on the string.  
 Bake at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes.

 They come right off and are ready to hang in minutes!
(See my other peppermint decorations HERE.)
Then we made lollipops! 
Exact same process as the ornaments, but instead of a string place a lollipop stick in the melted peppermints instead.  When they are fresh out of the oven, just press the stick into it and roll it once.  The kids loved these!  
*Important Tip:*  DO NOT use wax paper on the cookie sheet!  It melts into the peppermints.  Just place them directly onto the cookie sheet.  We did learn that the hard way. : )
I love these soft peppermint sticks.  They are called “Bob’s Sweet Stripes.”  They are so cute and fun to fill jars with for decoration, but are yummy too!  They are super fun to stick into little cutie oranges and use as a straw.  Just push them into the orange and start slurping like a straw.  The orange juice will start coming and it’s pepperminty and so good!    

 Just squeeze the orange and adjust the peppermint a little until it’s all gone.  My girls love doing this!  It’s fun to set out a bowl of oranges and dish of candy sticks out at a Christmas party.  It makes for a fun party food/activity!

Last, these are are perfect for adding to a cup of hot chocolate! 
 It adds just a touch of peppermint flavor and feels so Christmasy and cozy!
Hooray for peppermints!  
Today we also have a giveaway just in time for Christmas!  It’s a Mialisia necklace.  This jewelry is super versatile and pretty!  The whole idea with all Mialisia jewelry is that each piece can be mixed and matched.  
This necklace is gorgeous and would really go with anything.  To enter simply leave us a comment!  You can also visit my friend Cami’s  FB page HERE or to see more. If you enter some info there you can be entered into a drawing to win 2 pieces on Fridays!  Good luck!  We will announce the winner on Friday-Good luck! : )


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    Hi Melanie, I saw the peppermint ornaments at SNAP. So cute! What a great idea and so easy too. And that jewelry is really cool too. I sort of got lost on the site looking at all of it, I love how it’s so interchangeable. Thanks for sharing:)

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