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What?!  You read that right!  We are switching gears with this, we know.

Here’s the deal:  For about a year now our Pediatric Dentist has been kindly suggesting we take at least our oldest daughter in to an orthodontist just for an evaluation.  She’s at that age where she may need expansion, something about the cartilage on the roof of the mouth being workable now, but becoming less flexible as she grows.  Just an evaluation.  I have grown to trust our regular pediatric dentist, I feel like he is honest and not a salesman as well as a dentist- It has taken a few years for me to really get to that point.  I’m totally skeptical about these kinds of things.

So taking my 11 year old to an orthodontist sounded as bad as going to a high pressure time-share event. Of course, we want to do all we can for our kids confidence, appearance and overall health, teeth included, so I have been on the look out for a good, honest, no pressure orthodontist for quite a while now.  Guys-I think we found one!  Steff and I have both been to Dr. Parker’s office and put him in the hot seat!   I’m ready to take Anni in for an evaluation and I feel like Dr. Parker is not going to pull a fast one on me.   I’m actually kind of excited to take her and see where we stand with her pearly whites.  Braces Giveaway 1-Dr. Parker (2)

In the meantime,  we get to help promote this awesome giveaway!  Dr. Parker is giving away a FULL SET OF BRACES! We are so excited about it!  FREE Braces?!  That’s a big deal.  If you want to check out Parker Orthodontics for yourself be sure to visit  And Holy Smokes—Good luck!

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Prize Details 
One traditional comprehensive orthodontic treatment case valued at  $4900, which includes standard silver braces, all records, all visits, and one set of retainers.
*If winner has orthodontic insurance they agree to allow us to bill and collect the full orthodontic benefit.
  • Prize does not include clear braces or invisible braces(invisalign).
  • Prize does not include orthodontic appliances (expanders, space maintainers, forsus springs, habit appliances etc.)
  • Prize does not include Vivera retainers.
  • If any of the non-included items are needed or wanted by the patient they can be added with the following charges.
  • The winner can upgrade to clear brackets $935.00, Invisalign $1900.00.  Addition of  appliances $500 to $900 each, Eight Vivera retainers $825 (four sets of scanned quality invisible retainers).
  • If orthognathic surgery is required a surgical fee will be charged of $1000.00


  1. CYnthia gaCia says

    You really don’t know how much this would mean to me my parent can’t afford braces and I hate it when my friend stare at my teeth like even when we talk they stare at my teeth. I really hate my teeth

  2. CYnthia gaCia says

    I won’t lie I sometime forget to get entries only because I have track and chorus practice I’m so sorry but I hope I win it would mean the world to me ❤️

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